What’s your name:

Minerva Padilla

When and where were you born:

I was born July 29, 1987 in San Diego, CA

What’s your ethnicity?


Do you have any nicknames?

Minnie PadiCam, Minervita (My fam still calls me Minervita at 31!), Vita (Only a lucky few can call me Vita)

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

Kindergarten to 9th grade: Colegio La Paz, Tijuana

High school: Academy of our Lady of Peace (All girls high school)


Did a semester abroad in Paris to learn French (I learned the art of drinking a lot of wine)

Jr College: Mesa College – Attended for almost 3 years till I decided I wanted to move away from San Diego

College: San Francisco State University, BS in Kinesiology (my plan was to be a PT for the SD Chargers)

Where have you lived?

Tijuana, San Diego, Paris, San Francisco, New York


San Diego, I love the easy living in San Diego – the weather, being close to the beach, and being super close to my family.

Do you want to live in San Diego forever?

I love living in San Diego, but I would love to also have a place in Paris soon.

Favorite city you have visited:

My heart is in Paris. Maybe because it is also a city I spent a lot of time. I love everything about Paris from the culture to the food and just the ambiance of the city is magical.

Favorite part of your job?

The 1st consultation with the clients. I enjoy having that face to face with them and seeing the excitement in their eyes of planning an incredible trip.

Favorite Food?

Most difficult question! I love food in general. My top 5 would be pizza, pad thai, my mom’s green sauce enchiladas, my dad’s famous hamburgers, and s’mores.

Next destination you plan to visit?

I have a few trips in the next couple of months, including a friend’s wedding in Cancun and a work trip to Cannes, but I want my next long trip to be to Iceland or Finland to go see the northern lights.